Terms and Conditions of Day Hire
1 Booking
1.1 This booking is between you (the hirer) and Joshua day Boat Hire ( the company)
2 Application
2.1. These conditions apply whether or not a contract of hire has been entered into as
a result of a quotation being offered and accepted or whether a contract has been made
verbally or in writing
3 Quotations
3.1 Quotations are made subject to the boat suiting the hirer's requirements being
available at the time of acceptance.
Quotations are based on costs prevailing at the time and in accordance with details
provided by the hirer.
4 Terms of booking
4.1 A non-refundable deposit of either £50 or £65 ( depending on the day) will be re-
quired at the time of the booking.
4.2 The balance of the Hire is payable on the day of hire prior to taking the boat.
4.3 A damage deposit of £50 must be paid on the day of hire prior to taking the boat.
This will be refunded in full on the return of the boat in the same condition as prior to
the hire.
4.4 Full contact details for the hirer must be provided prior to booking.
4.5. The number of people in the party must be provided prior to booking.
4.6 The company will not accept bookings from hirers under the age of 18 years.
4.7. The company reserves the right to refuse to hand over the boat to any person,
who in their opinion is not suitable to take charge.
4.8 A refund of the full amount of the booking will be paid if the booking has to be
cancelled due to the fault of the company.
5 Conditions of hire
5.1. No more than 10 people may be aboard the boat at any time. You may not
exceed the boat's maximum capacity of 10 people.
We reserve the right to terminate the hire immediately if we believe that the ca-
pacity has been breached.
5.2. The boat must be returned by 6pm. You will be charged an additional £20
per hour if returned late.
5.3 Life jackets are provided for the hirer and all their party.
6 Insurance
6.1. The company insures the boat against public liability risks.
6.2. The policy does not cover personal accident or the hirer's belongings.
7 Safety rules
7.1 The hirer agrees to observe the following rules relating to Health and Safe-
ty of the persons on the boat, other persons, and the boat and other property.
7.1.1 Not to use the boat to tow other crafts
7.1.2 To observe the 4 mph speed limit.
7.1.3. The boat is not to be controlled by a person under the age of 18 years at
any time or who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
7.1.4 Life jackets are recommended for all persons.
8 Accidents
8.1 The hirer is responsible for the safe navigation of the boat. If there is any
accident or damage to the boat, the hirer must :-
8.1.1 Obtain the names and addresses of any people aboard another boat in-
volved, including the boat owner
8.1.2 Notify the boat owner immediately with details of the damage
8.1.3 Not under any circumstances admit or allow any person aboard the boat
to admit liability
8.2 If the company’s insurance is invalid or affected by any act of the hirer
then the hirer shall indemnify the company in respect of all liability claims, loss,
damage or expenses incurred
9. Exemption
9.1 The company shall not be liable for any matter arising which was out of
the reasonable control of the company at the time of its occurrence and was not
due to the negligence of the company, including:-
9.1.1. Death or personal injury of the hirers or their crew
9.1.2 Loss or damage to property
9.1.3 Non-fulfillment of the booking due to maintenance, interruptions, dam-
age, problems or defects in cruising or severe adverse weather conditions